Live at Dead Air: Split with Au Revoir

by Tyler Daniel Bean

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In the world of music, is there anything more interesting than a split between great friends who exist in different genre realms? If you consider similar splits between artists like Piebald & Cave In or The One AM Radio & Jerome's Dream, you'll find that while a split between Tyler Daniel Bean and Au Revoir may seem surprising on paper, something captivating develops when relating their songs—you realize that we're all, in our own way, working through the same issues. Over a year in the making, a year marred with major injuries and loss, this split was recorded live over two days in 2015 (one in January, the other in September) by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, Longings) in Western Mass’s secluded Dead Air Studios. Tyler Daniel Bean's two-part track, "Willow," his first offering since the 2013 EP Everything You Do Scares Me, boasts a seven-piece band featuring members of The New & Very Welcome, Cbrasnke, Noodle, and Nyiko. "Willow," a song about coping with death, delves into our response to loss, our escapist tendencies, and our desire to not exist alone. Ending ambiguously and repetitiously, "Willow” proclaims that while it may not always seem the case, everything will always be alright. Au Revoir's "Repose," their follow up to 2013's Black Hills, showcases the band's new 5-piece line up. It also stands as the first song they've recorded with vocals since 2012's In The Key Of Night—a dynamic they continue to explore on their new LP Veles (due out in March). Weaving melody with discord in a way that can only be compared to bands on Constellation Records, Au Revoir explores the weight of daily life, suggesting that it's getting harder and harder to wake from their dreams. Cap all of this off with artwork by William Schaff (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Songs:Ohia, Brown Bird) and you have a compelling, beautiful release by two bands that consider writing music an integral part of continuance.


released March 17, 2016

Recorded live by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studio in Western, MA.
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio in Cornwall, NY.
Art by Will Schaff.
Layout design by Justin Gonyea.



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Tyler Daniel Bean Burlington, Vermont


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Track Name: Willow I & II
Willow I.

Our house
the garden
my body

burn it
I don’t want it

I want your hair

in the sheets
in my clothes
in my food.

I want to lie

on the floor
on the grass
on my back,

you’ll find me—
forever, if need be.

I want to

be where you are
talk out loud
hear when you say,

You saw the squirrel again, today.

I want you to

stare in my eyes
and pant.

I want to be where you are.

Willow II.

This pressure,
this pain,
is my body

coming up against a wall
and not seeing it
as a wall,

but instead
as a field
in which I can grow,

in which I can throw
Willow her ball that
she’ll never run towards.

Still, I’ll throw it again
and I’ll pet her
and I’ll tell her

without you
I can’t make sense
of my life,

and she will tell me
it’s alright,

and it
will be

There is a life
outside my body
calling for me.

I want to take it
Track Name: Au Revoir - Repose
Someone in a dream once told me, they didn't think I was a quitter.
But everyday, waking up gets harder and harder.